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How to screen applicants

How to screen applicants

Cozy’s background checks and credit reports make it easy to find great tenants.

Experienced landlords know that screening applicants is the best way to find tenants who’ll pay the rent on time and treat a rental property with respect.

Cozy’s screening reports help landlords find the right tenants. Applicants purchase and share background checks and credit reports with landlords. That means you can avoid collecting application fees.

Reports contain accurate, up-to-date info about your applicants. Each report is stored securely in your Cozy account, so you won’t have to worry about keeping sensitive info secure.

Credit reports

Cozy credit reports come directly from our partner Experian, the industry leader in credit reporting. Applicants pay for and order reports in Cozy, then you’ll receive an email when the report is ready for you to view.

Cozy credit report

Reports include an easy-to-read overview and a detailed payment history, as well as detailed breakdowns of everything that informs the credit score, so you’ll quickly know whether the applicant is financially responsible.

Cozy credit reports are pulled as soft inquiries, so they won’t lower an applicant’s credit score.

See a sample credit report

Background checks

We provide background checks through our partner Checkr. Reports are generated by searching seven national and county databases, including criminal histories and a civil search.

Cozy background check

If there’s a potential match in a national records search, our partner Checkr reviews and pulls county level records. If a concern is flagged, we include detailed info, so you can understand the situation.

Cozy background checks are researched more comprehensively than instant checks, which can return incorrect results for people with similar names. The info you receive is dependable.

See a sample background report

How to request reports

You can require screening reports when you create a listing in Cozy, or you can request reports directly from individual applicants. Either way, applicants pay for the screening reports, which cost $24.99 for a single background check or credit report, or $39.99 for both.

If you choose to require screening reports in Cozy, when someone applies to your listing, we’ll email you, and you can review the reports and application. To request reports directly, you’ll need the applicant’s name and email address. Then you can request a background check, credit report, or both.

Cozy standalone screening

We’ll email your applicants with your request, then they’ll purchase reports in Cozy. Background checks usually take a few hours to complete, but can take longer if a potential flag is found. In either case, we’ll email you when the reports are ready for you to review.

You and your applicant will receive copies of the same reports, so you’ll always be on the same page.

Reports are available for 30 days after purchase in Cozy, and you can download or print the reports for your records.

Get started screening tenants by creating a listing or requesting reports directly.

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