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How to list your rental and collect applications

How to list your rental and collect applications

Cozy makes it easy to find great tenants and avoid costly vacancies. Start by marketing your rental online, then collect applications right in Cozy.

Advertising your rental

You can create listings for your rental property in Cozy for free. Share important details, including a short description, amenities, and when it’s available. Give potential tenants an idea of what it’d be like to live in your property by uploading at least one photo, or as many as you’d like. You can even add a video tour to set your listing apart.

Cozy listing preview

Once you’ve activated your listing, you’ll receive an apply link you can send renters directly, in an email or text. Spread the word by posting your link on social media, your website, or anywhere else you want to advertise.

Accepting applications

In Cozy, you can choose to syndicate your listing on and Then you’ll get emails from those sites when renters are interested in your place.

Collecting applications

Applicants can apply directly from your listing. That means you can easily collect applications and review renters’ info in Cozy. Once you share your listing link with renters, they can apply from anywhere, on any device.

Applications include employment and income info, rental history, and references. See what a full application looks like.

You can ask applicants to purchase screening reports in Cozy—credit reports and background checks—and share them with you. Screening reports are private, secure, and comprehensive, so you can decide if the applicant is right for your rental.

Require background checks for applications

When renters apply directly to your Cozy listing, we’ll notify you by email. You can log in to your Cozy account to see applications and review them side-by-side.

Require background checks for applications

Each applicant’s info is stored securely in Cozy, so you won’t have to worry about keeping important paperwork secure.

Get started by creating a free listing for your rental.

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