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Say goodbye to paper checks

Still sending your landlord rent checks every month?
Pay your rent online, just like your other bills.

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Choose how and when to pay

Setting up monthly payments with Cozy is easy. Schedule your payments so you’re never late with rent again. Pay with your checking account for free, or with a credit or debit card for a small fee (2.75% per transaction).

Pay rent online free

Pay with roommates

Easily split rent, move-in costs, and security deposits.

Pay rent with roommates

Build Your Credit History

Choose to report your Cozy rent payments to Experian RentBureau. Just by paying your rent, you can build your credit history without taking on any additional debt. And it’s free!

Build you credit history

Security & Privacy

Everything we do uses a secure connection.

Every interaction with Cozy and all connections with payment partners use bank-level encryption and secure connections that are impossible to eavesdrop on.

We won’t sell your information to anyone

We will never, ever, ever provide it to third parties for any purpose other than to provide you with service or as required by law. We will never sell your information to anyone, nor use it to try to sell you random stuff.

Your data is stored securely.

All of your information is kept under your control, and is kept private unless explicitly shared with another person by you. All of your banking data is stored securely in separated systems, and is only stored for enough time to use that data to set up accounts at our payments and identity verification partners. All sensitive data is securely cleaned from our systems as soon as it is no longer needed. All passwords are stored using advanced encryption techniques that are far better than required by any security compliance program.