Cozy Renters Insurance

Protection and peace of mind for you and your tenants

Liability Coverage

Reimburses you up to $100,000 for tenant-caused damage to your property.

Personal Property Coverage

Covers up to $15,000 in replacement costs for your tenants’ lost, damaged, or stolen belongings.

Affordable Rates and Deductibles

Your tenants can buy policies for an average of $20 a month*, and the deductible is just $250.

*Actual rates depend on property location and type, and a variety of other factors.

Even if you have property insurance, you could be at financial risk if your renters aren’t also covered. We’ve partnered with Assurant, a trusted national insurance provider, to offer your tenants affordable, comprehensive renters insurance.

Reduce your risk

If your tenant accidentally damages your rental or someone else’s property—by accidentally starting a kitchen fire, for example—renters insurance will help cover the cost of repairing damages or replacing belongings.

Help your renters stay financially secure

Renters insurance covers tenants from the unexpected loss of property, which means their belongings are covered in case of theft or other damage.

Require and verify coverage

You can require renters insurance in Cozy. Your tenants will be able to easily purchase their policies in Cozy, and you'll be able to verify they have coverage.

Gain peace of mind

You and your tenants can relax knowing you're both covered. That means less stress all around!

Coverage limits, conditions, and exclusions will be as set forth in the applicable policy documents. All insurance products are being offered through Cozy Insurance Services, LLC (doing business in California as Cozy Home Insurance Agency) as agent for Assurant, Inc.’s subsidiary insurance companies.