Online rent payment:

No more checks.
No more fees.

Get Started with Cozy

Set it and forget it rent collection, Cozy payments are secure and automatic, and the money goes straight to your bank account. And yes, it’s 100% free for landlords.

Set up and invite your tenants to pay

Set your rent amount, due dates, move-in charges and deposits, and invite your tenants to pay. Tenants can set up recurring rent payments, pay one-time charges, and never have to worry about mailing you a check again.

Easy set-up

Share important documents

You can share documents with your tenants through Cozy. These could include signed leases, move-in checklists, state disclosure forms, or contact lists.

Upload and share documents

Insight at a glance

See upcoming, in-progress and past charges and payments all in one place. Your balance lets you know if your tenants are all paid up, or if the rent is past due.

Detailed payment information

See detailed payment info including send and completion dates, payer details and memos, and payment status. Export payment history at tax time, or any time.

Added flexibility for landlords

Cozy now allows you to charge tenants one-time fees for things like utilities and late fees. You can also record offline payments when your tenant sends you a check or money order, and add credit to the ledger.

Leases and Finances, all in one place.