Features & Pricing

Cozy’s core features are free for landlords and renters.
There are no limits on the number of units or roommates.

Core Features for Landlords

Full Features for Landlords

Collect rent online, automatically Free
Online rental applications and screening tools Free
Tenant credit reports
(paid by applicant)
Tenant background checks
(paid by applicant)
Track maintenance requests and communicate with tenants Free
Organize and track your property expenses Free
Document sharing Free
Market your listings on Realtor.com and Doorsteps Free
No limit to number of tenants and roommates Free
One-time payment requests for late fees, utilities, etc. Free
Switch to Cozy for payments when you already have tenants Free
The best customer support on earth Free
Transaction history and export for financial software Free
Use multiple deposit accounts to collect rent Free
Full access to Landlordology educational tools and resources Free
Worldwide access, 24/7 Free
Rent estimate and property analysis $19.99

We’re constantly adding new features and services to Cozy. Follow our announcements on Twitter and our blog.

Common Questions

Is it really free? What’s the catch?

Cozy’s core services for landlords are free, including collecting rent. Renters can pay rent for free by paying with their checking account. We charge for credit reports and background checks, and there’s a 2.75% transaction fee for rent payments made with a credit or debit card. Revenue from screening reports and card payments allows us to offer other services for free.

Can I start using Cozy for current tenants?

Yes. It’s easy to invite your current tenants to pay rent through Cozy. You can also easily add or remove roommates in the middle of a lease.

Is Cozy safe for me and my tenants to use?

Your info and banking data are safe. Every interaction with Cozy and all connections with payment partners use bank-level encryption and secure connections that are impossible to eavesdrop on. We won’t share or sell any of your information. Read more in our Policies.

How are payments collected?

Renters can choose to pay either with a credit or debit card, or directly from their bank account. Funds are moved to the landlord’s bank account through the Federal Reserve’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. It typically takes 2-4 days for tenants to verify their bank account. Read more about the payment process.

Core Features for Tenants

Features and Benefits for renters:

Pay Rent Online
Set up recurring payments, and pay with your roommates. Use your checking account free, or pay by card for a small 2.75% fee.
Free by ACH transfer

2.75% fee with a
debit or credit card
Build Your Credit History
Report your rent payments to Experian, so they’ll appear on your credit report.
Cozy Renter Profile
Your reusable online application – perhaps the last one you’ll ever need.
Cozy Credit Reports
The credit report that you run, share, and control who sees.
$24.99 per request
Cozy Background Checks
State and County criminal and eviction search.
$24.99 per request
Full Screening Report
Combined credit report, score, and background check.
$39.99 per request

Common Questions

How much can landlords charge me for a Cozy application?

There is no fee built into Cozy for a simple application. Credit reports and background checks cost $24.99 each, but only when requested. We’ll never charge you without your knowledge.

Is my information safe when I get my Credit Report?

Absolutely. The Cozy Credit Report is done in partnership with Experian, which handles the authorization. You never give Cozy your SSN. And, since you are pulling your own report, your credit score does not go down.

What methods can I use to pay my rent?

We currently allow electronic payments through the ACH network. You provide us with your routing and account number, and we’ll withdraw funds from your account. Setup typically takes 2-4 days so that we can verify your identity. Stay tuned for even more options to pay your rent.

Can I invite roommates to pay with me?

Yes! Cozy is the only company that offers you the ability to pay your landlord together as one. It’s easy to invite your roommates and coordinate different rent shares with them.

Cozy is free

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