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How does Cozy compare to eRentPayment?

Cozy and eRentPayment allow landlords to collect online rent payments and screen tenants. But Cozy is completely free for landlords, while eRentPayment charges landlords per transaction. Those fees can quickly add up for independent landlords, especially if you have multiple tenants sending multiple payments.
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Free Online Rent Payments for Everyone
Expedited Payments $2.99/unit (optional) See pricing below**

Tenant Screening with
Integrated Credit Reports

Cost Free See pricing below**

**eRentPayment has two pricing options:

Standard: The manager could pay $0, $1.50, or $3 depending on whether they pass part or all of the $3 transaction fee back to the tenant. So the service could be free to the landlord if they pass the fee to the tenant.

Monthly: $10 for up to 5 transactions. Any transactions over 5 are a $1 each.

Simplify how you manage your rentals

Owning a rental property doesn’t have to be stressful or time consuming. Market your rental, screen tenants, collect rent, and communicate about maintenance requests in one place.
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Market your rentals

Avoid costly vacancies by creating custom listings and setting the perfect rent price.

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Find the right tenants

Don’t second guess yourself. Screen tenants and review their applications side-by-side.

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Automate rent

Never worry about rent

Collect rent directly in your bank account for free, and add automatic late fees.

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Track everything

Stay organized

Track your expenses, communicate about maintenance requests, and store important documents.

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Smart landlords and renters choose Cozy to take the stress out of renting.