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Discover the easiest way to manage your rentals

Join us for a full tour of Cozy. Ask questions and get answers live during this online workshop.

Why attend?

During the 45-minute workshop, we’ll show you how to manage your rentals more efficiently and effectively with Cozy. Ask your questions live!

You’ll learn:

  • How to collect rent online
  • How to market your rentals
  • How to receive online applications from renters
  • How to screen prospective tenants
  • And how to track maintenance requests and expenses

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For more information watch a pre-recorded demo or visit our Getting Started page.

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Getting started with Cozy

This workshop shows landlords how to collect rent, market their rentals, receive online applications, and screen tenants with Cozy. A complete overview of how to get up and running (47 mins).

Intro to Cozy

The fast track to using Cozy’s free tools. Learn the essential ways landlords can streamline their rental businesses (8 mins).

Smart, independent landlords and renters choose Cozy to take the stress out of renting.