Credit Reports and Free Tenant Screening in California

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Completely free, and designed from the ground up for independent landlords in California, Cozy applications, screening tools, and credit reports make finding the perfect tenant simple. Cozy makes managing your rentals in The Golden State easy and affordable.

Cozy Renter Profile

Take applications online

Post your Cozy applications directly into your rental listings anywhere you list your California properties. Applicants can apply directly with their full Cozy Renter Profile.

Everything in one place

Quickly see employment, salary, residential history, credit report and references - only the stuff that matters.

Background and Eviction Checks

Cozy Background Checks search national and county criminal records, evictions, sex offender registry, and the terrorist watch list. Fully FCRA compliant, and completely online, without any on-site visits. Most background checks take just a few minutes.

Cozy Background and Eviction Reports

Cozy Credit Reports are secure, real-time, and straight from the bureau. It’s free for California landlords like you, and $24.99 for applicants. You’re enabled to make a smart decision.

Cozy Credit Reports

Easy, Detailed Credit Reports

Get a clear summary of every applicant’s credit score, debt, and payment history in seconds. Rest easy knowing you'll be renting your California property to someone who can afford it.

Private, and doesn’t affect your tenant’s credit

Applicants run their own report and share the results with you. It’s a soft inquiry, so their credit isn’t affected, and you don’t have to handle or dispose of anyone’s sensitive information. Win. Win.

Cozy Credit Reports - secure and private

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