We’d like to welcome some of our newest Cozy customers: former SparkRent users. SparkRent announced today that they’re shutting down and asking users to move to QuickBooks, a more expensive service that doesn’t offer the same functionality. It’s not a great fit for independent landlords, and we’re thrilled that so many have found us instead. Welcome.

If you haven’t decided whether or not to make the switch to Cozy yet, or you’re curious about what’s in store for you, read on. We think you’ll like Cozy, and you’ll find that we’re much more than a SparkRent alternative.

Built for Landlords

We built Cozy from the ground up for independent landlords and their tenants. We design everything we build with the input of our customers, and we’re squarely focused on building a long-term business to serve them. Landlords and tenants are our target audience, and we’re committed to building them the best tools.

Amazing Support

Cozy isn’t an experimental service, and we have a support staff that’s dedicated to answering your questions quickly. Whenever you ask us a question, you’ll get a response from a real human here in Portland, Oregon. It’ll be fast, too.

More Features, Faster

We have a growing team of designers and developers building the future of Cozy. From features like expense tracking, document storage and signing to alternate payment methods, to fundamentally new products that will add transparency (and maybe even delight!) to the landlord-tenant relationship.

Top-Tier Investors

Cozy is backed by a team of investors that are helping fuel our growth. Individuals like Stewart Butterfield, Kevin Rose and Tim Ferris. Institutions like Google Ventures, General Catalyst and The Social+Capital Partnership. We’re here to stay.

A Focus on Affordability

We know independent landlords and property managers operate on tight margins. We’re here to help, not become a burden on your balance sheet. Bank-to-bank transfers are inexpensive, and charging even a dollar per payment seems like a crazy markup. So, on Cozy, it’s free. Today we only charge tenants for credit reports. In the future, we’ll add more premium services like the ones I mentioned above, but we won’t charge premium prices.

If you’re ready to make the move to Cozy and haven’t already, sign up here. We’re excited to have you join us on our journey to become the best property management software around.