We’ve been thrilled with the tremendous number of new landlords and tenants that have started using Cozy for electronic rent payments, tenant screening, and credit checks since we made it free in September.

Cozy makes the rental process easier for everyone, so if you’re a renter, be sure to invite your landlord to give the service a try. Cozy is better when everyone in your community uses it too. Together, we can eliminate the need for paper checks and make sure that searching for an apartment doesn’t hurt your credit score (Cozy’s credit checks are so-called “soft” credit checks).

We’re happy to see renters across the country, in big cities and small towns, using Cozy, with more joining every day. In particular, we’d like to mention some cities where we saw some spectacular adoption in November. Places where, if your landlord isn’t already using Cozy, they may be some of the few left!

Los Angeles+23%

Other popular cities were Oakland, Indianapolis, Denver, Boston, and Fresno.

If you’re a landlord, sign up today, for free. Cozy is the easiest and most affordable way to manage your rental properties automatically. It takes just minutes, and you’ll never look back.