Some landlords use PayPal to accept electronic rent payments from their tenants. Certainly, there are some advantages: in many cases, the transfer is free or very low cost, and lots of people already have PayPal accounts.

Still, if you’re using PayPal or a similar basic money transfer service to accept online rent payments, consider Cozy: Cozy is completely free for both landlords and tenants – there are no fees for either party when sending and receiving rent payments or security deposits. There are some other advantages too:

Built for Landlords and Tenants: Cozy is built to enhance the rental experience. We’ve factored in recurring monthly payments, lease terms, security deposits and more. With Cozy, you’re using a service made explicitly for landlords and tenants.

Cozy is automatic: Cozy’s rent payments are automatic. Tenants don’t have to worry about remembering to pay rent, and landlords don’t have to worry about getting paid rent on time.

Cozy offers a lot more: Cozy is more than just an easy way to pay and accept rent payments online. Cozy offers landlords free tenant screening, and provides tenants with a secure and easy way to get their credit reports online.

Give Cozy a try today. It only takes a few minutes to get started.