Running credit reports on Cozy just became a whole lot easier. As we mentioned last month, credit reports on Cozy are no longer tied to a rental application. That means, if you’ve already got a completed application, or just prefer to use your own, you can still use Cozy for credit reports and free online rent collection. Cozy credit reports are free for landlords.

It now takes just a few seconds to request a credit report from an applicant. To get started, all you need is their names and email addresses (you can request as many as you’d like at once).

That’s right — no need to collect Social Security numbers or any other sensitive information from your applicants.

Check tenant credit now.

Cozy’s credit reports are better for tenants, too. They only cost $19.95, and they’re soft credit checks that provide you with the data you need to make an informed decision, without damaging applicants’ credit scores. The data comes straight from Experian, too, so you know you can trust it.

Compared with a service like SmartMove, Cozy is easier to use and more affordable for a lot of landlords and tenants. For one, Cozy’s credit reports are just $19.95 — $5 less than SmartMove’s basic screening services, and $15 less than the version that includes a full credit report.

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