We want to help you use Cozy to the fullest. That’s why we’re sharing even more tips and tricks for making the most of our free tools. Learn away!

1. Share photos or screenshots with your tenants

Hopefully you’ve already had a chance to upload your lease and other documents in Cozy. But did you know you can upload other things, too? Use the document upload feature to share copies of utility bills, move-in checklists, and addendums with your tenants. You can even do it from your smartphone. Save yourself an email or printer project.

How to do this on any unit where you’re collecting rent:

  1. Go to the “Rental Details” tab of the unit.
  2. Beside the “Document” section, click “Edit.”
  3. Click “Upload Documents,” and select the documents and photos you want to add.
  4. If you’d like to rename your documents, click “Rename,” then save.
  5. Click “Continue,” then “Confirm and Update.”

2. Create multiple recurring bills for things like parking spaces

Do you bill your renters a fixed amount every month for something other than rent? A garage or parking space? Break your property into units to create multiple recurring bills, which will help you be better organized at tax time. And you can have the bills deposited to a different checking account than where you receive rent.

Don’t forget, you can create one-time bills if that works better for your situation.

  1. From your Properties page, click “Create a New Property.”
  2. Select “Multiple Units” as your property type.
  3. Set the property type.
  4. Enter in the address.
  5. Enter in the name of your first unit (“Main house” or “Parking spot,” for example.)
  6. If you’re adding additional units, click “Add another unit” for each unit you’d like to create. (You can go back and add more units at any time.)
  7. Click “Create Property.”

Then invite your tenant to set up payments, and you’re good to go.

3. Collect and record Section 8 payments

Lots of tenants pay their rent with assistance from Section 8. If you’re a landlord who collects rent this way, you can keep track of those payments in Cozy. Start by inviting your tenants to sign up for Cozy, so they can still keep track of due dates and payment history.

Then follow these steps every month to record the voucher:

  1. Choose your unit from your “Payments” page.
  2. Click “Offline Payment” towards the top of the ledger.
  3. Here, you’ll enter:
    • A memo (“Section 8 voucher”)
    • The amount of the voucher
    • The date you want the transaction to apply to your ledger
  4. Click “Save.”

This will factor into the “due today” balance just like an actual payment would. Your tenant can pay for other things through Cozy as needed.

Are there other Cozy hacks you want to share with landlords? Let us know. Email hello@cozy.co.