It’s been a few months since Nicole Swedberg and Jordann Bradley joined Cozy’s Customer Support Team, so we thought we’d check in with them to see how they’re doing. (For the record, we think they’re doing an A+ job.)

They both said how Cozy Support and Cozy customers have the same goal—easy (and happy) resolutions to all issues. But they thought they could better help people by sharing some key info about the way the support team functions.

So without further ado, here’s what Nicole and Jordann wished you knew about Customer Support at Cozy.

We understand the urgency

In an ideal world, you’d sign up with Cozy and “set it and forget it,” but we know that doesn’t always happen. If problems come up, we work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

The subject line of your email helps us know what kind of tools we need to have handy to fix your problem. It’s a good place to let us know if you’re writing in about, say, a payment, application, or email issue. Also, if you share the standard Ws (who, what, where, when, and why) in your first email, we can investigate your issue faster.

We know housing is personal

Because of the services Cozy offers, the support team helps customers make and collect rent payments, and find a new home. These are important life (and financial) events. We get that.

Both of us are renters, so we’ve experienced the challenge of finding and applying for a place, and communicating with landlords. At Cozy, we have the chance to help landlords, which helps us better understand their struggles. We know the rental system is flawed, and we want to help fix it. That’s one of the reasons we work at Cozy.

Each email is a snowflake

Sure, we see some recurring themes in support emails, but for us, each message is one-of-a-kind. Each person who reaches out to us for help has a unique situation worthy of a unique conversation.

We strive to communicate clearly and with empathy, and we carefully consider the language we use. You might notice that each of us writes with a slightly different tone, something we encourage each other to do.

Our support team is small

Before we were offered jobs, we talked at length with many members of Team Cozy. They wanted to find out if we had the kind of curiosity, empathy, and enthusiasm that would make us valuable members of the four-person support crew. We’re a tight-knit group.

We have weekly meetings to discuss how we can better help customers and improve the way we work. We review what customers have been telling us, then we share that feedback with the engineering team.

You’re part of our team

When it comes to solving a customer problem, you—the person writing in for help—become our most important teammate. We rely on you as much as you rely on us.

For security reasons, we can’t do some things for you, but we’ll explain the steps so you can take care of it. Also, we’ll let you know when you can do things on your own, especially if those things might come up again in the future. We want to save you the hassle of having to contact us.

Sometimes we make mistakes

We try our best not to make mistakes, but when we do, we own up to them. We don’t mind saying, “Hey, I’m sorry. Let me take a closer look and see what I can do. Let me have a second go.”

We’re freaked out by fraud

Because of the types of info Cozy handles, from bank accounts to screening reports, it’s essential that we ensure you are who you say you are. If you write to us from an email address that’s not associated with your Cozy account, we’ll ask you to contact us from your Cozy-associated email address.

On that note, we understand the urge to create a different account if you’re having trouble with your existing one. But that can complicate things. Hang in there. We’ll fix it, we promise.

We ❤️ your feedback

This may sound cheesy, but we rely on customers to make Cozy better. Every time someone says they wish we offered a certain feature, we flag it then discuss it with the design and engineering teams. We’re constantly trying to optimize Cozy to create better experiences for landlords and renters. So, please, don’t hold back! Tell us how we can improve Cozy.

Now, let’s get down to business and solve whatever problem you’re experiencing. That’s why we’re here.