Like most web-based software, Cozy uses Google Analytics to track our traffic and its sources. Google Analytics does a great job tracking users on our site in aggregate. But we also need need information about specific users and their behavior. What sources were driving the largest accounts? Within a given page of our online rental application, where are applicants getting stuck? And, most importantly, how can we tie together an applicant’s credit report purchase to the signup source of the landlord that requested it? URL tracking alone won’t cut it. Here are a few other tools we’re using to bridge the gap.


GoSquared provides us with people analytics. For an individual user, we can see what actions they’ve taken on the website and what pages they’ve visited. This is useful both from a marketing perspective, as well as a support perspective.


Amplitude tracks events in aggregate for us. This is where we segment our audience into cohorts, track event funnel completion rates (like those rental application steps), and more. Amplitude also gives us raw access to all of our analytics data via SQL queries.


Segment is the one-stop-shopping experience for analytics. With one simple integration and a few calls to their easy-to-use tracking API, we track all of our analytics data anywhere we want to track it. That one call sends our data to Google Analytics, GoSquared, Amplitude, and any other place we want it to go. Their Javascript library works great out of the box, and can have you up and running with most services you need in no time. If we want to try a new service, we simply turn it on. If we want to shut one down, we simply turn it off - no code changes or development time needed.


Periscope is where we turn for database-driven dashboards. Periscope makes vital stats like the number of landlords that signed up yesterday, or the number of credit reports purchased available at any time, always up to date and accurate. We also track our marketing spend, geographic coverage, and more. Their simple interface and powerful query language make it easy to look at any statistic over any time period.