We’re excited to welcome Laura Agadoni to Team Cozy!

Laura has vast experience as a researcher and online journalist, and is joining Cozy as a content writer on our free landlord education site, Landlordology.

Laura is an accomplished writer, blogger, and editor, and has been featured on Trulia, The Houston Chronicle, The Motley Fool, SFGate, Zacks, The Penny Hoarder, and my personal favorite, The Daily Puppy.

Laura Agadoni

As Landlordology has continued to grow at an astonishing rate, we have attracted other experienced landlords, like Laura, who have a heart for sharing their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Not only is Laura an accomplished journalist, but she is a long-time landlord, having owned and managed rental properties in California and Georgia. After her mother was admitted to a nursing home, Laura was left with her mother’s empty home in California and became a classic example of an “accidental landlord.” Having just moved to the East Coast, she managed her mother’s rental home for a while, but eventually sought the help of a local property manager.

She didn’t stop there. After getting her feet wet as a landlord in California, she jumped all in and bought a rental property closer to home, in the Atlanta area, and is planning to buy another soon.

Laura brings firsthand landlording experience, as well as professional research and writing capabilities to the Landlordology community, and we’re overjoyed to have her in the Cozy family.

Check out her recent articles on Landlordology and feel free to connect with her in the comments or on her personal website.