Team Cozy gained an athlete last week with the addition of Kyle Morrow. I didn't get to announce Kyle last week because we were on a whirlwind Bay Area tour at the Growth Hacker Conference, among other things.

Our story with Kyle goes back to last spring in Portland, where I met him at the Nike+ Accelerator. I was mentoring companies on UX and fundraising at the accelerator, and Kyle was an associate at TechStars. When I first saw Kyle from across the room at Nike, I thought that one of our investors, Tim Ferriss, happened to be there that day. To help you understand why I made that mistake from afar, I want to show you a couple of photos.

Here's Kyle:

And here is Tim:

See? It's uncanny.

In addition to Kyle's work at TechStars/Nike+, he also was the founder of ThirstTees, a t-shirt company that operated in seven countries and was partnered with Thirst Relief International to build wells and biosand filters throughout Africa, India and South America. Previous to Cozy, he was the Director of Sales & Marketing at Coachbase.

Kyle joins Team Cozy to help with our business operations, growth and marketing efforts. He's @KyMorrow on Twitter. Say hi!

Lastly, we're hiring. If you know great engineers or designers, share this link with them.