Joe Mudnich is the latest person to join Team Cozy. A San Franciscan for two decades (and an Angeleno before that), Joe has actually joined our Support team in Portland. Our story with Joe goes back to 2007 when both Kevin (our Support Manager) and I worked with him at Flickr. He was a part of the Support/Abuse team there for nearly four years, and recently when the opportunity to work with him again presented itself, we jumped.

Joe's background is in writing, and in addition to his time at Flickr, he's also been a travel guide writer at Travelocity, an editor at LookSmart, and a Communications Specialist and Copywriter at Chevron. Joe knows how to communicate with amazing clarity, which is perhaps the second most important element of great customer support behind empathy.

Joe's photos are full of interesting detail, and he's @JoeMud43 on Twitter.

Welcome Joe!

By the way, we're also hiring another designer and several engineers. Be the next person to join Team Cozy.