I’d like to introduce the fifth member of Team Cozy: Betty Lin. Betty is our Studio Manager, and will be wearing a number of hats (as we all currently do) as we continue to grow. Betty is based in San Francisco, and she's the only California native on the team.

Why did we hire Betty?

For this job we didn't write a concise description, and we did that by design. We're small, and this role could go in any number of fun and challenging directions. We knew we needed a self-starter, someone who doesn't need a ton of direction to solve problems, and someone who can act quickly in an environment that can be chaotic and vague at times. At five people, this person would have a huge impact on everything we do.

We had a large number of candidates respond to our job posting. Of that group there were about a half dozen that really stood out; they took the time to answer our requests properly, and they were all great writers.

We met with Betty at our studio in San Francisco, and it was quickly apparent that her motivation, experience, and smarts all backed our initial impressions with her initial contact. It was also clear that Betty's ideas around quality, awesome customer experiences, and desire to kick ass resonate with everything we're doing at Cozy.

Welcome Betty! We're stoked to have you join us!