We’re excited to announce that Al Williamson has joined Team Cozy as an independent content writer for our education site, landlordology.com.

Al Williamson

Al is a passionate landlord with vast experience in multi-family inner-city rentals. He is also a brilliant author and the mastermind behind leadinglandlord.com, a site that helps landlords build additional revenue streams into their business.

After buying and decontaminating a drug-infested apartment building in an inner-city suburb of Sacramento, Al realized that he had unintentionally slayed the dragon that held dominion over the neighborhood.

After years of oppression, the neighborhood started to recover and property values started to increase. Not only had he bought a profitable residential building that was now increasing in value, but he was the catalyst that helped the residents take back their neighborhood.

Al takes pride in creating surprisingly beautiful affordable housing while teaching other landlords how to maximize their profits. To aid in his restoration efforts, Al co-founded an event called “2nd Saturday Cleanup”, a successful initiative where volunteers and local teens spend the day cleaning up the neighborhood parks.

Al brings a wealth of knowledge to Cozy, and we’re excited to have him! Check out his recent articles on Landlordology.