July 6th to 12th, nationwide.

2014 Rental searches over time

We combed through a series of Google Trends data for the last 12 months, looking at searches in the “Apartments & Residential Rentals” category, focused on queries specifically related to the rental industry and apartments.

What does this mean for renters?

If you’re looking to rent, search early! You may end up with a better deal, or your first-choice apartment, by looking for a place a little bit earlier, even if it means an extra week or two of overlapping leases. As you can see, even just a week prior, there are markedly less people searching for rentals.

What does this mean for landlords?

For landlords, July 6-12th may be an ideal time to list your vacant units (of course, it doesn’t hurt to list a littler earlier, too). You may have the opportunity to choose from a wider pool of qualified applicants, or even experiment with your rental prices.

What about popular metro areas?

MetroMost Popular Week
AtlantaJune 1-7
BostonJune 1-7
ChicagoJuly 27-August 2
DetroitJuly 27-August 9
Los AngelesAugust 3-9
MiamiMarch 30-April 5
New OrleansJuly 20-26
New YorkJuly 27-August 2
PhiladelphiaJuly 13-19
San FranciscoJuly 6-12
SeattleAugust 10-16
Washington, D.C.June 1-7

Miami is a surprising outlier, and the earliest in the year. Most people there are searching for apartments in the spring, possibly because the weather is better, or they may be doing last-minute searches for spring break rentals.