As most landlords know, screening tenants is a big part of finding the right fit for a vacancy. You want to make sure your tenants can pay rent on time regularly, and have a little cushion in case their employment or personal situation changes. This means you want to look at employment history, income, and sometimes even personal references to make sure you’ve got the right fit. The more information, the better. Along with a tenant credit check, which is free for landlords using Cozy, you’ll have a more complete picture of a potential tenant’s ability to afford your vacant apartment.

Screening tenants doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Cozy makes it easy by keeping everything in one place, online, for free. It’s easier for tenants, too, which means you’ll likely get a more complete picture of their history. Here’s some of what we ask applicants so you can thoroughly evaluate their fit as a renter:

Employment History: tenants can connect their LinkedIn profile to automatically fill in employment history as part of the application process, or they can manually enter in their employers.

Other Income: tenants with other income sources can let you know a little more information, which can be useful if they need more income than their salary to be eligible to rent.

Personal References: applicants have the option of asking for personal references. With Cozy the whole process can be done digitally, which makes it easy and quick for everyone. Tenants enter the email addresses of their references and Cozy takes care of the rest – contacting and collecting testimonials to include in the application. The best part is that Cozy only needs to collect these references once, and they’re automatically included in every application sent. It’s easier for both the tenant and the landlord.

Free tenant screening is just one way Cozy makes renting apartments easier for both landlords and tenants.