Having direct conversations with our customers is central to how we approach design at Cozy.

As we refine our product roadmap for 2015, we’re now scheduling our second round of customer advisory meetings. Our customer advisors are a group of Cozy landlords who participate in discussions with our design, engineering and support teams to offer feedback on how the product is working and where it can be improved.

Customer Advisory Group at Cozy

The first round was held in December and the feedback we received has had a direct impact on our tenant screening tools and the upcoming redesign of our Rental Application.

One improvement that came out of the first round was simply to stop doing something that wasn’t working well for landlords. Originally, when landlords clicked to “Offer” their rental to an applicant, we were also sending emails to the other applicants to notify them they were not getting the place. We thought we were helping! What we learned from our advisors was that, while notifying the applicant who was being offered the place worked just fine, the landlords said they would rather follow up separately with the others. Separating those notifications is helping them better manage their applicant pools in case their first choice of new tenant falls through.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be holding conference calls with small groups of landlords from across the country. The calls are conversational and take place in a Google Hangout as we explore the challenges that landlords face in managing their properties, applicants, tenants, and payments.

What we learn will help us to design better solutions to meet our customers’ needs while reducing the time it takes to go from design research to production software. We’ll also be able to prioritize planned features before we spend precious design and engineering resources.

It’s not enough to identify a market niche, build a product and hope customers find it useful. At Cozy, we want to create products that our customers tell their friends about, that make their lives easier and that save them time. And to do that, we must listen.

If you’re interested in joining our customer advisory group, please reach out to our support team at support@cozy.co, and we’ll get in touch with you.