The best way to collect rent is online, and while we’re certainly biased, Cozy is the best way to do it. Here are three reasons why.

1. Cozy is free!

Cozy doesn’t cost you or your tenants anything to collect and pay rent every month via bank transfer. There are no transaction fees, monthly fees, or any other fees. Cozy makes money on tenant credit reports, and we don’t charge for rent collection.

2. Cozy is automatic.

For landlords, that means no more late payments. For tenants, that means one less thing to remember each month. A few days before rent is due, we’ll send a reminder email to tenants about their upcoming payment. But there’s no need to login or even push a button to make sure their rent gets paid on time. It’s all done automatically.

3. Cozy makes collecting roommates’ payments easier.

With Cozy, roommates don’t need to worry about collecting multiple payments to submit to their landlord. Cozy automatically aggregates the payments and submits one full payment to the landlord, automatically. It’s better for landlords too: you no longer need to worry about partial payments.