Tenant screening is an integral part of how landlords decide to whom they’ll rent their vacant property. In most cases, you’re likely renting to a complete stranger – someone you might’ve met in person while showing the unit, but not an acquaintance otherwise. While the in-person meeting is critically important in figuring out if someone will be a good tenant, you also need data to back up that decision. That’s where Cozy’s tenant screening tools come in.

1. Rental Application

Our rental application, recently redesigned to be mobile-friendly and accessible anywhere, makes it easier for prospective tenants to apply to properties they’re interested in, and it makes it easier for landlords to accept and track their applications. With a credit report built-in, it takes just a few minutes for an applicant to provide all their pertinent information, and for a landlord to review and assess their pool of applicants.

The application includes all the vital information: income, pets, references, and more.

1. Tenant Credit Report

Running a credit report on a prospective tenant is an important part of deciding whether or not a tenant will be able to pay their rent on time every month. With our credit reports, we provide detailed financial information in an easy-to-read format. What’s more, running the credit report doesn’t impact applicants’ credit scores, and it costs them only $19.95!

Because Cozy works across the US, and gives landlords all the information they need to make an informed decision, we think it’s one of the best tenant screening services around.