When you’re applying to live somewhere new, you’ve probably looked at several available properties, and you’ve probably fallen in love with one of them. We can help you land that first choice. With Cozy, you have the opportunity to share your credit report with your prospective landlord, and doing so right when you apply can give you a leg up. Most landlords ask to see it anyway, so providing it proactively can give you a big advantage over other applicants.

We’ve processed thousands of rental applications, and they’ve given us a treasure trove of valuable data about how landlords decide who to rent to, and subsequently, how renters can ensure they get their desired property. If you want to know how to land your first choice spot, this data can give you some clues.

The most striking thing we have learned is this: you are 4 times as likely to be offered a rental if you include a credit report with your application.

Why do landlords want to see your report?

A landlord’s primary concern is whether or not you will pay rent on time and in full. While your report does not include your history as a renter, it does include your history as a payer of other kinds of debt. It may be the only verified piece of evidence that you can provide to prove that you are financially trustworthy and reliable, and those renters who provide a credit report with their application show that they have nothing to hide, making deciding to rent to them much easier.

If you’re a landlord, tenant credit checks with Cozy are easy (and free): just sign up as a landlord to use Cozy’s free rental application, or if you already have a completed application, you run a tenant credit report with just your applicants’ names and email addresses.