Today we released a major update to payments and lease management. Incorporating feedback from our customer advisory board and working closely with the customer experience team here at Cozy, we set out to update the experience of Cozy for landlords to make it more flexible to collect payments and to greatly improve control over all details of the lease term.

Here’s a quick, two-minute walk-through of the new payments ledger:

We’re excited to finally release these updates to our customers and, as always, we welcome your comments and feedback. Here is what you’ll find in the latest release of Cozy for landlords:

Flexible Payment Dates

Rent can now be paid on any day of the month, instead of just the first five days. Tenants may want to adjust their rent payment date to be sure they’re always on time, regardless of bank holidays.

One-time payments

One-time Charges and Payments

Landlords or property managers can now request one-time payments through Cozy, for things like utility bills or late fees. Tenants can also submit one-time payments directly to their landlords.

One-time payments

Each Tenant Pays Separately

In the past, payments didn’t process until all tenants were set up and ready to make a payment. Going forward, each tenant’s payment will process as soon as it’s ready, so landlords will receive one payment per tenant rather than per unit.

Ability to Update Lease Terms in Cozy

Landlords can now change their rent due date, update lease dates, and end their leases all from within their account.

Over the the next two months, we’ll be continuing to release the updated landlord experience with a better property creation experience and improved applicant management features. Before the year is out, we’ll expand payment options to include credit and debit cards. Stay tuned for a preview of those upcoming features.

If you haven’t signed up to collect rent — and now utilities, late fees, and much more — with Cozy, for free, there’s never been a better time to start.