We know lots of landlords and tenants use Venmo to send and receive fee-free online rent payments. Venmo is popular because it’s so easy to use, but just last week, The New York Times reported on a security flaw that can permanently compromise a connected checking account.

Venmo Rent Collection

There are a few issues brought up in the article, but the biggest issue appears to be that anyone who can access your phone can potentially access your linked checking account, and support options, should your account be compromised, are limited.

Which is where services like Cozy can help. Cozy is built from the ground up with payments tools that are specifically designed for landlords and tenants. On top of that, Cozy offers world-class support, even on weekends. You’re never left on your own.

Collecting rent online with Cozy is easy and, like Venmo, completely free for both landlords and tenants. Cozy also makes it easy to collect and save security deposits, move-in costs, and more, with a clear transaction history.

Cozy is safer, too. With Cozy, rent amounts are set by the landlord in advance and don’t change — you’re never surprised with how much is deposited or withdrawn, and neither party can make changes without getting approval.

Cozy is a smart, safe Venmo rent collection alternative. Sign up today for free! If you’re a renter using or considering Venmo to pay your rent, invite your landlord to try Cozy instead.