Yesterday, BuzzFeed published the results of their (admittedly unscientific) poll asking twentysomethings how financially independent they are on a variety of big expenses. The most interesting to us, of course, was the rent question. Here are the results, straight from Buzzfeed:

Percent of young adults whose parents help with rent)

Almost one in five young adults get some sort of help from their parents paying rent.

And we’re here to help. Well, mostly with simplifying your rent payments, but we’re hiring too!

Parents and kids (the tenants): invite your landlord to use Cozy. It’ll make the monthly rent payment process automatic, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting a payment. Even better: you won’t need to deal with sending multiple checks, or sending checks to your kid’s bank account first. Just make sure both a parent and the tenant are listed as “roommates,” with the appropriate rent shares (which you can adjust as needed) and we’ll automatically deduct the amounts you choose at the end of every month. Best of all? It’s completely free.