We’re excited to announce that Jimmy Moncrief has joined Team Cozy!

Jimmy owns multiple rental properties in Tennessee and is joining Cozy as a content writer on Landlordology, our free landlord education site.

Jimmy Moncrief

Notably, Jimmy is a bank underwriter, commercial loan creditor, landlord, and real estate investor. He is also the mastermind behind Real Estate Finance HQ and has been wrangling finances for the majority of his life.

Jimmy’s career started at the age of 12, when he won a stock market investing competition against thousands of contestants! He went on to become a stock analyst and hedge fund partner at a Fortune 500 company. He found his niche by combining his deep understanding of finances with his love for real estate.

As Landlordology and Cozy continue to grow, we are attracting many large-asset landlords, managers, and investors. Jimmy has the heart of a teacher and loves to educate others on tips and tricks to creative and successful financing.

Jimmy brings firsthand landlording and finance experience to the Landlordology community, and we’re overjoyed to have him in the Cozy family. He is a wealth of knowledge for anyone looking to finance investment properties, or hoping to learn more about building a profitable portfolio.

Check out his recent articles on Landlordology and feel free to connect with him in the comments or on his personal website.