Today we launched some big changes to Cozy for both landlords and tenants just in time for the holidays!

Mobile Web App for Tenants

The hugely improved Cozy mobile web app allows you to:

  • create your Cozy Renter Profile
  • purchase and share your Cozy Credit Report
  • set up/manage rent payments, even with roommates

new mobile payment setup

Tenant Mobile Payments

We’ve streamlined and simplified the overall interface of the tenant payment experience. In addition to providing consistent feedback notifications, we’ve incorporated clear alerts and labels that will provide more context as you’re managing your rent payments.

new mobile credit report

Getting set up with Cozy has never been faster. Managing rent portions with roommates, adding bank accounts and configuring payments have all been updated. You can now easily change bank accounts or add a new one when editing your payment details.

new mobile tenant payments

Cozy Credit Reports for Landlords

For landlords, Cozy Credit Reports are now a default requirement for applicants - one more decision point that helps you qualify potential tenants. It’s just automatic, free for you, and tenants still pay just $19.95 (and they never have to share their Social Security number with you, nor do you have to handle any sensitive information).

new landlord require credit report

What’s next?

In the new year we’ll be rolling out an updated tenant mobile application interface, followed by an all new landlord mobile experience. We look forward to getting this into the hands of our customers and welcome any feedback or suggestions. Happy Holidays and here’s to good things to come in 2015!

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