We know it’s getting harder to find a great rental. Not only is the application process competitive, but every time you apply for a new place, you have to dig around for all that information you shouldn’t have to remember. Cozy can help!

Cozy Renter Profiles are detailed, easy-to-read resumes you can share with any landlord during your lifetime as a renter. Think of them as the last rental application you’ll ever fill out. Your profile goes wherever you go.

Your Cozy Renter Profile can include the info a landlord needs to say yes, including:

  • A short bio about you
  • Your employment and income history
  • Your rental history
  • Endorsements from references
  • Answers to key screening questions

Your profile is yours to update and share, and we’ll keep your info safe and secure. Don’t worry about your profile ending up in the wrong hands.

It’s easy to get started! Create your Cozy Renter Profile here.