A few weeks ago, we hinted at some upcoming improvements to rent payments on Cozy, along with a new payments processing partner. Now that the migration is complete, we’re excited to announce the first of several planned new features.

Today’s updates are incremental changes, but based on feedback we’ve heard from property managers and landlords, they’ll make it even easier to collect rent using Cozy.

1. You can now add account nicknames

Account Nickname

You’ve always been able to use a different bank account for every property you’ve added on Cozy, and now you can sort them more easily by applying a nickname. This is especially helpful if you’ve got multiple accounts at a single bank, which may appear identical at first glance.

2. You can also replace bank accounts in bulk

Account Nickname

If you’d like to replace one bank account with another, we’ve made it much easier to do that in one step.

These are just the first few improvements we’re making to Cozy rent payments. Stay tuned for additional updates and new features in the coming months.