We’ve been hard at work these past few months making sure that Cozy works perfectly on all devices, including smartphones. With the launch of mobile-friendly rental applications, available today, we’ve made a huge step forward in our goal to offer the best user experience for renters across all devices.

Mobile Rental Application

Potential tenants can now apply for your rentals right from their mobile devices.

If you’re showing your vacant unit to some interested potential tenants, you can give them your Cozy rental application link, and they’ll be able to apply immediately through Cozy on their phone. They can even run and share their credit report! You can now make a decision instantly, while you’re showing the unit.

Cozy applications are now the easiest for renters too.

House-hunters frequently visit multiple units in a single day — perhaps dedicating an entire Saturday to finding their next home. Cozy makes it easier than ever for potential tenants to apply quickly and securely while they’re still looking at vacant units. For crowded markets like San Francisco and New York, getting an application in early can make all the difference when landlords are reviewing applications in the order they’re received.

Easier rental applications mean more applicants.

Renters using Cozy can fill out their renter profile once and, if they’re applying to another property using Cozy, their rental application is automatically transferred.

We’ve got more to do.

The new mobile-friendly rental applications are just another step in our ongoing process to rethink the tools landlords use most. We’ve already redesigned the credit report, and we’ve made it easier for tenants to manage their rent payments on the go. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing even more new tools and ways for landlords to use Cozy for end-to-end property management on any device.

To get started, sign up for Cozy’s free landlord tools.