If you’re using Cozy to market your available rentals, each one already has its own beautifully designed listings ad with photos, amenities, and all the other essential information for that specific unit. But what if you own more than one vacant unit? Now they all have a home, on your new listings gallery.

Already a customer and ready to get started? Claim your custom listings gallery.

Market Your Rental Listings

All of your available units in one place

Now there’s one page to highlight all of your vacant rentals, designed to put your best foot forward on any device.

Always up-to-date

Never worry about outdated listings again. Any active listing will automatically show up here, and hide when you deactivate them.

Market your rentals everywhere

Choose a custom URL that matches your brand, then post links to your listings gallery on your website, Facebook, and Twitter. We’ve even seen some property managers buy a domain name and use their listings gallery as their main website.

Don’t have any vacant properties? That’s ok! You can still claim your custom URL before it gets taken.

If you’re already using Cozy to manage your properties, it takes just a few seconds to activate your custom listings gallery.

And if you haven’t started using Cozy yet, it’s easier than ever to manage all of your properties, for free!