We’d like to welcome some of our newest Cozy customers: former Intuit PaymentNetwork (IPN) users. Intuit PaymentNetwork announced that they’re shutting down and they’re asking users to move to QuickBooks, a more expensive service that doesn’t offer the same functionality as Cozy. We’re thrilled so many landlords and property managers have found us instead. Welcome.

If you haven’t decided whether or not to make the switch to Cozy, or if you’re curious about what Cozy offers, read on. Not only do we think you’ll like Cozy, we think you’ll discover that we’re much more than just an alternative to Intuit PaymentNetwork.

Built for Landlords

We created Cozy to improve the lives of independent landlords and property managers. We design everything we build based on input from our customers, and we’re focused on serving them with the best possible tools.

Outstanding Support

Our support team is made up of real people here in Portland, Oregon, and they’re happy to answer all your questions. They’re dedicated to helping you as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Free for Landlords

We know independent landlords and property managers operate on tight margins. That’s why Cozy’s core services are free. Tenants pay for credit reports and background checks, and they pay a fee for online rent payments when using a debit or credit card (paying with a bank account is free). But all our services for landlords are free.

If you’re ready to make the move to Cozy and haven’t already, sign up here. We’re excited to have you join us.