We’re excited to welcome two new people our ranks!

Jordann Bradley is a seasoned support professional who’s joining our Customer Support team from Squarespace. He’s originally from Los Angeles, California, but Portland stole his heart and he’s here to stay. In addition to his experience working on a variety of support teams, he has a degree in history from California State University, Northridge. If you have the chance to chat with Jordann, be sure to quiz him on his in-depth knowledge of The Simpsons.

Nicole Swedberg also joins Cozy’s Customer Support team. Nicole has a true entrepreneurial spirit. Before she came to Cozy, she ran her own creative consultancy in Scottsdale, Arizona. She moved to Portland sight unseen, because she wanted to explore the Pacific Northwest and be a part of Cozy’s mission to change the way renting works. She’s also on the hunt for the best veggie burger in Oregon, so if you have a suggestion, drop a line to Cozy Support!