It’s been an exciting year for us here at Cozy, and the good things keep coming. This month, six new people (!) joined Team Cozy, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Please join us in welcoming this talented crew.

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Alexis Johnson is the newest member of our Customer Support team. Her work as an IT administrator brought together her love of technology and devices and communicating with people, making support a great fit. Her varied background from math to gardening to yoga might seem disparate, but at the end of the day, she appreciates working somewhere where she can awkwardly stretch on the floor in the middle of company meetings. She’s about to start renting out her house in Northeast Portland, so we’re adding “Cozy landlord” to her title.

Ali Kaufman worked in the nonprofit world, as a child development specialist for kids with behavioral disabilities, before she made the leap to tech. After studying computer science, she became a developer and she joins Cozy as a software engineer. When she’s not coding, you can find her drawing and painting, or snuggling with her two chihuahuas, Griswald and Ernie, and her cat, LeBron, while watching Bob’s Burgers.

Oregon native Kyle Meyer has worked in the digital world as a graphic designer, photographer, and web developer, and he’s a software engineer at Cozy. Kyle is an avid backpacker and backcountry hunter, and he has the stats to prove it: he’s slept outside more than 60 nights this year. His most memorable moment as a renter—his landlord put him up in a La Quinta Inn for six weeks with his cat, Jam, while his apartment was under construction. That’s when he learned to love powdered eggs and waffles.

Skye Selbiger grew up in Portland, Oregon, and he returns to the city after working as a designer in L.A. He joins Cozy as our new product designer, and he’s looking forward to improving Cozy as a product from an experience, visual, and technical perspective. He’s a renter who’s in it for the flexibility, and he loves the Oxford comma, just like us. When he’s not working, you can find him snowboarding, backpacking, and checking out new breweries.

Terrence Jones joins us from Nashville, Tennessee, where he worked as a software engineer in the healthcare industry, and now he’s a software engineer at Cozy. Before he got into tech, he attended culinary school to pursue his love of food and coffee. He’s a bike commuter, beer drinker, and coffee aficionado, so Portland might qualify as his utopia. He’s looking forward to exploring Oregon’s natural wonders, especially by going on long hikes.

Floridian Will Ellett fell in love with the Cascade Mountains when he visited Seattle, and he vowed to return to the Pacific Northwest. He made the cross-country move by relocating to Portland last May. Will has been tinkering with various elements of tech infrastructures since he was in high school, and as our new operations engineer, he’ll work to maintain and improve the performance, reliability, and security of the infrastructure that powers Cozy. When he’s not drinking Soylent, Will likes to ride motorcycles, play video games, and go hiking in the Pacific Northwest wonderlands.