Today we launched the first phase of an all-new Landlordology. The new site is completely redesigned and works on any device, so, whether you're on a laptop, a tablet, or smartphone, Landlordology responds to provide you with the best possible reading experience.

Rapid growth and expanded offerings
Landlordology is quickly becoming a leading information and educational resource for landlords and tenants (over half of commenters are tenants!), and has averaged 35% month over month organic growth since launching in January 2013. It's so exciting to be a part of this growing community, and for us it's continued proof that rentals are massively important in our economy and culture.

To help facilitate this growth, and provide far more value to you, we're introducing a number of new features on Landlordology. Our hope is that through quality and easily accessible education, we can all be better landlords and renters. Here are some new feature highlights:

The Landlord Guides are our new Definitive How-To Guides for Independent Landlords. We have launched with the first three guides, and you can expect the series to continue to grow. The Landlord Guides take you from knowing nothing about being a landlord to becoming a Super Pro, Cozy-certified landlord in a short timeframe.

The Landlord Lifecycle is an awesome new resource that directs you to the knowledge, tools, and resources to get things done. So whether you're buying your first rental property, or trying to find the best contractor, we have you covered. It's important to point out that the resources we showcase do not pay us in any way. They're just the companies and services that we think do an amazing job.

The Landlord Toolbox is our curated list of the best tools on Earth for independent landlords. From collecting rent and marketing, to insurance and repairs - it's all there, vetted and curated.

Ask Lucas is our new weekly bite-sized podcast, in which Lucas Hall, our Community Manager and Chief Landlordologist, answers questions about Landlording, Real Estate Investing, and Property Management. Questions are submitted from people around the country, and answered via an audio podcast show for the world to hear. Have a burning question about your rental situation? Ask Lucas!

Landlord-Tenant State Laws & Regulations are where some of the most heated conversations happen, and we're quickly moving toward a concise set of landlord-tenant state laws that anyone can use to solve problems. The conversations people are having here, and the crazy rental situations people talk about continually blow my mind - and serve as a clear reminder that Cozy and Landlordology are focusing on solving the right problems.

As always, we'd love to know what you think. Hit us up @CozyCo on Twitter, or drop a line on our Facebook page.

Thanks for everything so far. We're in this with you, and are stoked about the future! Get in there!