Exciting news: Cozy’s core features are now completely free.

If you’re a landlord, there’s now zero barrier to securely, automatically collecting rent each month. And when it’s time to find a new tenant, Cozy is the simplest, most efficient way on the planet to do so.

If you’re a renter, Cozy is the smartest way to pay rent. Paying with Cozy, you build verified proof of on-time rent payment. That, combined with your Cozy Renter Profile means you may never have to fill out another rental application in your life. You can think of Cozy as your LinkedIn profile for as long as you’re a renter in your lifetime. Plus, no more rent checks.

What’s next?
Commoditizing payments and tenant screening makes these crucial tools available to a much wider audience, and helps lay the path for a bunch of new products, features, and additional revenue streams that we’ll launch in Q4 2014 and beyond. Product-wise, we’ll see refinements and new features in Cozy Credit Reports, a huge push into the mobile space with both web and native apps, a ton of new payment-related features, as well as a number of strategic partnerships.

Our vision to make Cozy the only service you’ll ever need for renting in your entire life is just starting to be fulfilled, and as we get further into our roadmap, the entire process will only continue to get better for everyone.

Thanks for your support so far.