Today we are excited to roll out a newly designed Renter Profile and introduce a brand new feature - Guest Passes.

Finding a place can be downright exhausting. A typical scenario looks like this: you spend weeks or months going to showings and repeatedly filling out rental applications. You hand over deeply personal identifying and financial information on paper to complete strangers, and pay multiple application fees before actually landing a lease. We’ve heard from renters in New York and San Francisco who have spent upward of $3,000 in application fees just to land one apartment!


We’ve given this process a much needed overhaul by ending application fees and enabling you to create a beautifully designed, reusable portfolio about yourself that you can share with prospective landlords.

That's correct: no more application fees.

A Cozy renter profile shows your employment history, rental history, financial health, testimonials, and most importantly it lets you control who sees it and when. The Cozy renter profile can be used to apply to properties with Cozy landlords, or anywhere else online. A Cozy profile allows you to:

  • Introduce yourself to landlords in your own words
  • Import your LinkedIn profile and verify your current employer
  • Give a complete picture of your financial health
  • Request endorsements from previous landlords and references


If your prospective landlord doesn't use Cozy, we've still got you covered. Simply create a renter profile and send out a Guest Pass. Guest Passes allows prospective landlords to see your renter profile, but they also give you complete control over your private information. Guest Passes tell you when potential landlords have looked at your profile, and how many times. You also have the ability to revoke access at any time.

Here’s how Guest Passes work:

Once I've completed my renter profile, I can add a Guest Pass using Add a Guest Pass button.

Next I enter the email of the person I'm sharing with. I can tweak the message if I like.

From here, Cozy will email a link to my profile along with my message. Here's what the potential landlord sees:

Now I can see a few guest passes I've shared, as well as how many times landlords have looked at my profile. I can revoke access at any time.

And that's it. With the Cozy Renter Profile and Guest Passes, we're working to make renting a place faster, easier, and more secure.