Tenant screening is all about finding the right tenant to fill your vacancy — both quantitatively, with a tenant credit report, and qualitatively, with information provided by the applicant about their history, pets, and more.

Tenant screening services like Cozy certainly don’t replace face-to-face meetings with potential tenants, but they can help you keep information about prospective tenants secure and organized. In many areas, fair housing laws suggest (and may even require) reviewing applicants in the order in which they’re received. On Cozy, your applications are stored in that order.

Cozy helps save time when you’re screening tenants to fill a vacancy. By using the free online rental application, you’ll get an email instantly each time someone applies to your property.

Our credit reports only take a few seconds to run after your applicant has confirmed their identity and paid the modest $19.95 fee. Once that happens and they’ve shared the results with you, we send you an email instantly. You can also choose to request a credit report from each applicant at the time they apply, which will speed up your selection process once you’ve narrowed down your pool of interested applicants.

What’s more, by posting the link to your online rental application directly in the ads where you’re posting the vacancy, you can increase the number of applicants you receive — and be able to make your decision even faster.