The story of the high school senior who falsely claimed that he made tens of millions of dollars trading stocks in a New York Magazine article highlights how easy it is for people to fake financial documentation. As part of the fact-checking process, the student produced a bank account statement indicating he had $72,000,000 in his Chase account – completely untrue, as it turns out, but realisitic enough for the magazine to believe the story.

There’s an important lesson for landlords here: it’s really easy for people to falsify the documentation you require to rent out your properties. The reason someone dishonest would do that is obvious: it’ll help them land a property they potentially could not qualify for otherwise.

But, perhaps just as important, there’s a good reason even honest tenants may prefer to produce sensitive documents like credit reports themselves: it helps them retain control of their personal information, like their social security number. Unfortunately, as recent events prove, it’s hard to trust.

Luckily, Cozy solves both problems. By using the secure credit report integrated into Cozy’s free online rental application, landlords can be sure they’re receiving accurate data straight from the credit reporting bureau, while prospective tenants can rest assured that their personal information remains private and isn’t shared with Cozy or the landlord.

Cozy credit reports are easy, secure, and just $19.95 for tenants. Best of all, checking tenant credit scores on Cozy won’t hurt their credit score.