Early next week we’re rolling out improvements to payments in Cozy. As we mentioned in our June blog post, we’ve been hard at work updating the underlying foundation of our payments platform and based on research and feedback from customers participating in our advisory board, we’re rolling out a host of new features for Cozy Payments.

Landlords and property managers have been awaiting these updates for quite some time. Thank you for your patience!

Features and improvements that will be available next week:

  • Landlords can now update all details of their leases, as well as terminate them.
  • Support for multiple deposit accounts.
  • Redesigned lease summary view to clearly view lease details.

Edit Lease Dates

One-time Charges

As a landlord or property manager, you can now request a payment at any time during the lease term by creating a single-time charge on the ledger. This makes managing charges to your tenant simple and easy. If you need to request payment for a repair or a utility bill, you can now do that. Payments, charges and balances will be visible in the redesigned payment ledger.

One Time Charges

  • Landlords can add a charge to their tenant’s lease.
  • Tenants will receive an email notification that a charge has been requested.
  • After the payment has been made, the landlord’s ledger will reflect the payment and current balance.

Redesigned Ledger

The redesigned ledger provides a comprehensive view and current snapshot of all transactions that have occurred within a lease term. The addition of one-time payments expands the possibilities that transactions will occur at any time during the lease - these transactions will be captured in the new payments ledger. The Cozy ledger will maintain a balance of the financials including rent payments and one-time payments. Landlords and tenants will now see both charges and payments in the new Cozy ledger.

Redesigned Ledger

As we move quickly toward the end of 2015, we’ll continue to fine-tune Cozy for Landlords and build all features to be mobile-friendly.

If you haven’t already, collect rent online for free with Cozy.