We’re always working hard to improve our hiring practices at Cozy, and we’ve focused a lot of attention on designing a consistent interview process. A standardized process helps to ensure that each person who applies is evaluated fairly, and minimizes unconscious bias and blind luck.

I’d like to describe the interview process that we follow when hiring for engineering roles. The process below can vary based on the role and candidate, but these guidelines establish some shared expectations between candidate and interviewer.

  • If you follow the instructions in the job application by including a resume, GitHub or other public profile, and a story about a great customer experience, I will personally respond to you within a day or two, with next steps or the reason for rejection.

  • We’ll spend some time reviewing any public code that you share with us – usually this takes the form of a Github profile. If you don’t have a sizable body of public code, I’ll ask you to complete a relatively small programming test. You can complete the test at your own pace, without pressure.

  • If we love your work, I’ll invite you in for a 1-on-1 interview with me. We’ll discuss what you’re looking for, the company, and the role. We’ll pair program as well, so it’s recommended you bring a laptop, or we can provide one for you. This interview usually lasts about an hour and a half. It can be done remotely if you’re not in the area.

  • If that goes well, you’ll come in to meet the rest of the team. For senior positions, this entails a full day of interviews (or two half-days if you’re local and prefer that). For less senior positions, you may only have a half day of interviews. You’ll meet with a cross section of the engineering team, a representative from Design and/or Customer Support, and our CEO.

  • Some interviews will involve pair programming, but we generally stay away from whiteboard coding, though you can of course use a whiteboard any time you want. We won’t ask you trick questions or brainteasers, and we won’t ask you to reimplement common algorithms or write code that isn’t relevant to the work that we do here. No interview will involve more than two interviewers.

  • If you’re interviewing for a full day, I’ll take you out for lunch.

  • I’ll ask you for references at some point before or after the team interviews.

  • If we’re not a good match right now, we may keep you in mind for future roles!

There’s generally no preparation needed, other than getting a good night of sleep and some breakfast. I would suggest checking out our product, though. You can even run a Credit Report and Background Check on yourself. If you have a common name, I’d highly recommend it.

I hope this makes your experience interviewing at Cozy more memorable and enjoyable!

Rob Galanakis
Engineering Manager at Cozy