We’re pleased to announce the release of Background Checks as part of our Tenant Screening Tools. It’s now easier, faster, and more affordable than ever to find qualified tenants for your rental properties — and potentially save you money down the road.

We’ve partnered with Checkr, the provider of a modern background check service that accesses state and county criminal and eviction records. Paired with our tenant credit reports, powered by Experian, you now have even more information to make a leasing decision.

tenant background check

Cozy background checks are easy, secure and accurate. They’re also completely FCRA compliant. You don’t need to worry about on-site visits, storing Social Security numbers, or paper forms. Background checks can be requested and viewed from anywhere on any device.

Incomplete tenant screening can be costly: the average cost to evict a problem tenant can exceed $10,000, which could be avoided with a complete background and credit check. Best of all, these screening tools are completely free for landlords. Purchased together, Cozy credit reports and background checks cost applicants just $39.99, or $24.99 each.

“The introduction of background checks represents one more step in our mission to democratize technology to make renting less painful for everyone,” said Gino Zahnd, CEO and founder of Cozy. “Paired with credit reports that don’t hurt tenants’ credit scores, a reusable online rental application, and fee-free online rent payments, we’re well on our way to making renting easier and more secure.”

Cozy tenant screening reports are integrated with Cozy’s free rental application, where landlords can get all of the information about their applicants in one place. For landlords who prefer to use their own rental application, all they need are their applicants’ names and email addresses to run a background check and credit report.