Finding a reliable roommate or subletter — especially when dealing with strangers — can be tough. You want someone you like and trust, of course, but you also want someone you can be sure will always pay rent on time. That’s where Cozy can help!

Even though you’re a tenant yourself, sign up for Cozy as a landlord. It’s free! Then you’ll have a whole suite of tools you can use to help find your next housemate or subletter:

Tenant Screening

Add your property to Cozy and you’ll get an online rental application link you can post directly to Craigslist or wherever you’re advertising your vacancy. No need to guess what questions you should ask — we’ve taken care of that for you. After you’ve received applications, they’ll all be viewable in one place, in your Cozy dashboard.

Credit Reports

Getting along with a prospective roommate or subletter is only part of the equation. You need to make sure they have good credit too, so you can be certain they’ll be able to pay their rent on time every month. Request a credit report as part of the application process so you can get a more complete picture of every applicant’s ability to pay for your rental.

Online Rent Payment

Cozy’s online rent payments are free. There are no transaction fees for rents paid via bank transfers. While you can certainly accept online rent payments for your subletters or roommates, why not skip that step and invite your landlord directly instead? With your landlord using Cozy too, you won’t need to act as a middleman — Cozy will collect rent and deposit it in the landlords account automatically, each month.

To get started, sign up as a landlord today, in minutes!