It's true! Cozy has acquired Landlordology.

Founded by Lucas Hall in January 2013, Landlordology provides helpful guides, practical advice and useful resources for do-it-yourself Landlords and residential Property Managers – especially those with 50 rental units or less. The real-world expertise that Landlordology brings to Cozy's service offerings provides essential rental information and practical know-how, and makes Cozy an even more uniquely valuable resource for landlords and tenants.

We met Lucas shortly after we announced our beta back in October of 2012. Since then we've kept in touch on various topics, and over time it became perfectly clear that both Cozy and Landlordology share the unwavering goal to provide simple tools of the highest quality to both landlords and renters. We've been working individually to make a stressful process enjoyable. Together, we're going to be able to accomplish so much more.

Lucas now joins Team Cozy as our Community Manager (he's #19 on Team Cozy!), and will lead the charge on expanding Landlordology offerings as well as lots of exciting things we'll announce in the near future. We're super stoked about what's coming in 2014!

Welcome, Lucas!

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