We hear from customers everyday, and we frequently hear stories about how Cozy has changed someone’s life, or made it possible to deal with investment property or rooommates in ways that we never intended. So when Scot Rife wrote to tell us he completely changed careers, and has built his real estate business with the help of Cozy and Landlordology, we had to share his story. Scot’s story is why we’re on this mission!

And with his permission, here’s the email from Scot:

I wanted to introduce myself… You don’t know me, but I have gotten to know your work over the past month and am very grateful. I bought my first investment property in 2011 and what started as a hobby, turned into a passion and now a career. I left my 20 year banking career in 2013 to become a full-time investor and Realtor specializing in helping others buy and hold Real Estate for wealth. I now own about a dozen single family rentals with a business partner.

Here is where you come in… The teaching from Landlordology has caused my business partner and I to move from investing in Real Estate to running a Real Estate business. For example, we developed a written screening process and new leases that require electronic funds transfer from Cozy. We’ve also created a tenant portal we call www.Resident411.com to provide transparency to our tenants and an optimal resident experience. We’re developing written systems for everything we do and feel empowered to take on roles we’ve been out sourcing. As we onboard new properties and existing ones go vacant, we are transitioning from a property manager to self management and will save over $700 per month thanks in part to you.

We “use” other on-line services in our business but feel a great connection with cozy.co because of the value you add through the information you provide at Landlordodogy. We see you as a partner in our business that goes beyond the web tools. Yesterday, a client set up a cozy.co account to screen and collect payment from his tenants. I see part of my role is to educate clients and introduce them to tools to be successful in their business. All my investor clients are now hearing about Landlordology and cozy.co.

You’ve helped us take our training wheels off and move forward in our business and I wanted to thank you.

With gratitude, Scot

Scot M. Rife Realtor® Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtors 535 N Main St Springboro, OH 45066 www.scotrife.com

If you are using Cozy to run your business, or if you’re thinking about making the leap, please let us know!